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We Stand with PALESTINE!

unfortunately due to our lack of our time and resources we could not write this earlier, We are however and always have been since our founders childhood years and our inception we have always belived in a free palestine for all our Palestinian brethren. We will never stop fighting for those who are unable to fight for themselves, we will never stop supporting Palestine until there is an independant palestinian country and Gaza is saved from the relentless bombing and genocide. we are donating ALL profits from any Palestinian products top MAP medical aid Palestine.we have expande beyond North Africa and are now a stronger collective with so many more members in Sudan, Algeria,Palestine , Egypt, Morocco, Europe, Yemen and more!


FACE summit

the first FACE summit was hosted by CSM ,University of the Arts London. Our Founder as a FACE academic was part of the first international graduate fashion week and was part of a panel chaired by the amazing Harris Eliot, where she spoke about the need for our collective and movements like this.

check it out on youtube, amazing talks.



(GFA) is a coalitional gathering beyond institutional, disciplinary, and geographical boundaries initiated by the Research Collective for Decoloniality and Fashion (RCDF). Its main aim is to decentralize knowledge creation and sharing regarding fashion — through conversation, through the relational, communal, and coalitional, and through the radical act of listening across race, age, gender, epistemologies, and histories.

check out more info!

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Cairo Design Week

Our founder,Nada Koreish and amazing new member Keghem Djeghalian were invited to speak at the DeForum, at Cairo design week where they tackled a number of issues ,under their new talk titled"the orient express: how to succeed nd lose your culture in 5 steps."



the second GFA is nearly upon us, watch this space.

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